Olive DTLA

In the winter of 2016, Ahern Media was invited to film inside of the newly built Olive Apartments in the center of Downtown Los Angeles while four talented artists laid their mark on walls throughout the property. David Flores, Paige Smith, Dave Kinsey, and Rich Henderson aka Hauser tackle the inside of a luxury apartment building with mural installations during its construction.

Produced by Tenkay Consulting. Filmed and edited by Jordan Ahern.

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Olive - Richard Henderson Aka Hauser

At the end of 2016, Ahern Media had the opportunity to film four murals being painted inside  a newly constructed apartment building in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. 

Richard Henderson aka Hauser paints high gloss enamel on a flat black wall.

Music by Gramatik. Photos and video by Jordan Ahern

Pow! Wow! Long Beach 2016

Pow!Wow! takes over Long Beach, California for the second year in a row.

Filmed and edited by Ahern Media. Final photos by Brandon Shigeta.

The Draculas section contributed from Scott Nichols of SickBoat Creative.

Drone footage courtesy of Fade Away Media. www.powwowlongbeach.com

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NEW Video: David Flores x Chaz Bojorquez

David Flores and Chaz Bojorquez share some walls in Los Angeles, Ca along side the work of OG Slick. Music provided by Kanye West. Filmed and edited by Jordan Ahern.

NEW Video: Dcypher Alley

Ahern Media caught up up with the talented Dcypher is south Los Angeles, Ca on a mural.

NEW Video: Air + Style 2016

Ahern Media document artists and events at Air + Style Los Angeles 2016. Presented by Prints on Wood. Filmed and edited by Jordan Ahern.

Below is a preview, originally aired on Instagram. To see the full video click here.

NEW Clip: Onur at Karga7 Studios

Ahern Media stopped tho visit an old friend from Switzerland, Onur, while he paints a black on black mural inside of Los Angeles Studios, Karga 7. 

NEW Video: James Haunt x Pabst Blue Ribbon

Ahern Media documents James Haunt painting a mural for Pabst Blue Ribbon in Long Beach, California. All photos and videos by Jordan Ahern

To watch the full video, click here.

NEW Video: Craola and friends pt.2

Ahern Meedia documents Craoa, 2Shae, Tahoe, Yanoe, and Begr paint together in Redondo Beach, California. All photos and videos by Jordan Ahern.

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