Filming with  James Bullough  in Virginia.

Filming with James Bullough in Virginia.

Jordan Ahern is a self taught filmmaker who grew up in various small towns on the east coast and got his start filming professional surfing. After placing top rank in a surfer/filmmaker duo online contest, he traveled the west coast to pursue more filming opportunities. Since then, he has personally filmed for renowned galleries and artists in California such as Greg "Craola" Simkins, Tristan Eaton, Jeff Soto, David Flores and many more.  -Jenn Simkins

Filming with  Craola  in California.

Filming with Craola in California.

"I met Jordan Ahern a couple of years ago when he offered to shoot a work in progress video for a painting I was making for a kickstarter campaign that would later become "I'm Scared" the movie. I've met a lot of filmmakers over the years and was impressed with his intense desire to get the right shot and how deliberate he was in framing what the viewer is going to see and experience when watching his edited work. Each video he has made with me thereafter is more of a collaboration than a simple vanity piece. His work showcases his talent as an editor as well, and I have watched him spend weeks on projects skipping sleep because of the desperate obsession he has to hone his craft and to put out a perfect final product. I am always excited when Jordan shows up to a project I'm working on because I know it is going to turn out special. I have nothing but respect for Jordan and am looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us for years to come.  -Greg "Craola" Simkins

Shooting with Dcypher in California.

Shooting with Dcypher in California.